Manual Labors: SPAM: Conclusion

SPAM was fun to build. We learned a lot. We laughed, we cried, it changed our lives. It was rarely boring, except when it worked. Even then it was still fun as long as it was loud. Or someone came up with an interesting message.

Like when we were still trying to use the el-cheapo style mikes. And got no response at all. After yelling at this thing for a few minutes, Larry hung his head and yelled "Aaagh! I almost thought I got some response, but it's just taunting us! ...Hey, did you see that? Taunting us. Tauuuunting. Awww." First response we ever got out of the thing.

Passersby in Cory left some fun messages. Mostly their names. Or insults of fellow students. It brought them joy. I guess that's what SPAM really boils down to. Joy. For the designers, the users, and hopefully for you also, the perusers. So that's SPAM. We hope you enjoy reading this report as much as we enjoyed writing it. Though we hope it doesn't take so long.

Now you can build and repair your own SPAM. Maybe even come up with a personalized version all your own. BEEP!

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