MegaBrööce: Songbook: Can't Take You Anywhere

We never made it all the way through this song: Rob couldn't stop laughing at the toe-fungus references.

Can't Take You Anywhere

Do what you want cause I don't care
I can't take you anywhere

You talk about the fungus that grows
Festering between your toes
Why it likes you no one knows.

Say what you like I just don't care
I can't take you anywhere

Take you somewhere but you can't walk
Embarass me whenever you talk
Using words that only you grok.

Go where you will I won't be there
I can't take you anywhere

I should never take you out to eat
First you complain about your feet
Set your napkin on fire and think it's neat

Can never take you to a restaurant
Look at you eat and food's not what I want
If I keep watching I will become quite gaunt

Eat what you can as I sit and stare
I can't take you anywhere

(Long instrumental bit)

The future is yours; do as you will
But if I have to watch you I will be ill
Being with you is a godawful chore
I just can't take you anymore.


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