MegaBrööce: Songbook: HELL BENT FÖR LEATHER

I have never witnessed this song being performed; somehow I doubt that it ever happened. I don't know who wrote this song.


I'm late for class
get out of my face
I'll kick your ass
cause I'm brööce

MegaBrööce to you, freak!
I'll bet you think I'm a geek
yeah, I've been in the WEB a week!

Hell bent for leather!
hell bent for leather!

my sun 3/60 does 40 MIPS
but it cant give me what I need
com'ere with those lips
com'ere and ride my steed

I'm god of eecs
mommy's little elf
I'm the wizard of C
but 'Hack it out for yourself!

Hell bent for leather!
hell bent for leather!

(guitar solo)

I knew a girl named mimi
thought she wanted my weenie
but she didnt want my love
she only wanted to smell the glove!

Hell bent for leather...

(backmasked satanic message)
(tuba solo)
(fade to felix the cat music)
(sound of nuclear explosion)

Here "WEB" does not refer to the WWW, but rather to the "Workstations in Evans Hall Basement," a computer lab at U.C. Berkeley where computer science students were inclined to spend their time.


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