MegaBrööce: Songbook: Pangolin Bowling

It's Sunday. It's late. Let's get this party rolling.
Let's head on out to Africa for some pangolin bowling!

First you take your scaley anteater
And make him roll into a ball
Lob him at some giraffes
and try to make them fall.

My girlfriend wants to go to the mall for a little strolling.
I'm heading for the jungle for some pangolin bowling!

Or if a pangolin's too spiny
You could use an armadillo.
You can get them nice and shiny
With windex and some brillo.

Don't ever ask for whom the bells are tolling.
They just say it's time for some pangolin bowling!

If your pangolin falls in the Nile
That counts as in the gutter.
It will then get eaten by a crocodile,
So you'd better get anudder.

Gallup's goin' round the neighborhood; the populace they are polling.
I tell them that my favorite sport is pangolin bowling!

'Cause I love my little pangolin
With all its beeps and whistles.
One last game and I'll set it loose
To roll among the thistles.

Because I love those little critters - their virtues I am extolling.
Without them there wouldn't be any pangolin bowling!

A dictionary definition of "pangolin":

pan.go.lin n. \pan-'go-l*n\
: any of several several Asiatic and African edentate mammals (Manis or related genera of the order Pholidota) having the body covered with large imbricated horny scales

This song was never performed. It became a bone of contention for the group. It was pointed out to me that no-one in the audience would understand the song, since no-one would know what a pangolin was.

I pointed out that, as yet, we had no audience.

It was pointed out to me that this was a bad attitude.

I offered to do a short informative presentation about pangolins before our first public performance of the piece, and there the matter rested.


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