MegaBrööce: Songbook: Slow Day

This was the firstMegaBröóce song I wrote. The other members of the band came up with the rhythm for a country/western song, and we arguably needed some lyrics.

The hyphens indicate places where a syllable was to be drawn out. Really drawn out--for several beats. I occasionally attempted to yodel while while singing these syllables. This added to the country flavor of the song, and helped to disguise the fact that I couldn't hold my voice steady on one note for more than a couple of seconds.

Slow Day

It's been kind of a slo-w day
The sort of day where you just kind of sit
And think about naming your dog Je-thro
But you don't have a dog, so nevermind.

It's been kind of a slo-w day.
The sort of day where you don't move
You could but you don't tha-t's all
Jethro can fetch everything you need

It's been kind of a slo-w day
Won't even bother to finish this song
Hm Hm Hm Hm La La- La
Hm Hm - Slow day, slow day.

Slow Day was the only MegaBrooce song I ever witnessed performed with similar music twice. Other lyric sets were used more than once, but never to the same tune.


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