MegaBrööce: Songbook: 3

The following song was never performed. It uses the music of the They Might Be Giants song "Number Three," and is a rip-off of that song. It was the third song I wrote for MegaBrooce. It was written in the throes of writer's block.


Well, there's just two songs in me, and I just stole the third.
Know damned well where I swiped the inspiration, & where I copied all the words.
I look to the Johns with their very artful scrawls.
Talkin' bout T.M.B.G. and not just reading walls.

A lib'ral arts major once told me that my life's an awful mess.
An engineer told me that he could only guess.
But I'm just as happy a plagiarizer as you will ever see.
Because there's just two songs in me and this is number three.

Though this highly derivative song was never performed, it was quite effective in ending my writer's block. Good news, eh?


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