Self Aware: Physical Description

Have you met me over e-mail, but worry about picking me out of a crowd? Fear not. You can recognize me easily as long as you learn these...

Twelve Warning Signs of Larry
Brown hair. Mouth often in open, toothy grin. This grin has been described as being like that of a skull. Sorry about that. Dark bags under the eyes, usually (thankfully) hidden behind thick spectacles. Brownish-greenish eyes that change color depending on my mood behind spectacles whose lenses change colors depending on the ambient light level.
Scattered patches of beard stubble resulting from haphazard shaving technique. [Photo] A complexion which bespeaks many fine greasy meals at local eateries.
About 190 cm tall. I am tall for my age. About 190 pounds. "Stocky" is a polite way of describing my physique. "Classic desk jockey" is somewhat less flattering.
Almost always wearing blue jeans. With coffee stains. It's coffee, I tell you! Almost always dressed in a t-shirt with an unbuttoned button-down longsleeve shirt worn over it. Almost always wearing a t-shirt. Often with a coffee stain or two in evidence. Rarely wearing shoes when inside. If I'm inside the home or office and wearing shoes, I'm probably arriving or leaving.


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