Anecdotal Evidence: Concerts: Chews Your Poison (Spiritualized)

Excerpt from some mail sent 2001:

Last Sunday, Spiritualized played at the Fillmore. So Dave Otsuka flew up from L.A. We got dinner before the show; Dave wanted sushi; so we went to the place next to Mifune: it had sushi and had no line. I got the vegetable tempura dinner. This came with the usual vegetable tempura things, but also had strange bricks. They were tempurish bricks, as if someone had taken some vegetable trimmings, dropped them into tempura batter, pulled out a huge solid mass of tempura, and chopped this mass into rectilinear shapes.

I wasn't sure if these bricks were for presentation or if they were edible. I gulped down half of one. It was pretty bad. So I left the rest.

During the concert, I got really dizzy. I drank a lot of soda, went outside to cool off (cursing the no ins/outs rule). In the cold air and rain, the dizziness dissipated. It was replaced with the near-continuous farting. I think I farted more than my body's volume. I walked home, partly because I like to walk, partly to let the air cool me off, but mostly because I was too embarassed to get into any sort of enclosed vehicle.

If I am faced with rectangular tempura blocks in the future, I do not think I will attempt to eat them.

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