Hogwarts Inside Out: Photos

Puzzle Hunts: Hogwarts Inside Out: Photos

[Photo: Contemplating the Hufflepuff Portrait] [Photo: Broomsweeper Puzzle Huddle] [Photo: At the Intake] [Photo: At the Intake] [Photo: Three Wand Shell Prototypes] [Photo: NSFWand] [Photo: Curtis Sculpts the New Wand Design] [Photo: Candy Tray Coming Through] [Photo: Connecting Firefly to the Boombox] [Photo: Helpline: Crystal Jumps into Place] [Photo: Helpline: Cheerful Crew] [Photo: Helpline] [Photo: Late-Night Wand Repair] [Photo: We Have a Crisis; We Have a Plan] [Photo: Studying the Emergency Puzzles(?)] [Photo: Improvising Details] [Photo: Waiting at the Finish Line] [Photo: Teams Observing the Draconus Device] [Photo: Teams Figuring out the Final Challenge] [Photo: Watching the Big Kaboom]


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