Anecdotal Evidence: Puzzle Hunts

"Lesson learned: Do not try to reverse-solve the Bay Area."
(This advice has since been proved bad.)

I have participated in some puzzle-hunt-related activities and met some interesting people along the way. These are like treasure-hunt games you might have played as a kid, but much more elaborate… or like escape-the-room games played not-in-a-room. Teams solve puzzles together; solving one tells you where to pick up the next one.

I was inspired to play these games by reading somebody's write-up of a past game. But beware: the write-up does not capture the experience well. If you read these and think "Now I know how these things work," you're overlooking something. If you read these and think "I'd like to run a game, but I can't meet these high standards," you're overlooking something. The write-up is not the game.

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