Puzzle Hunts: Two Photos July 9 2004

On July 9th, I brought my camera to work so that I could take some photos during my commute home.

[Photo: Mystery Machine] It was the day before the Genome Game, and Brent and Linda Holman had said that the Scoobies team would be playing in the Mystery Machine van. And they'd also talked about what poor repair the van was in. So I swung by their teammates' house to look at the van, figuring that it might not still be running by the time the Justice Unlimited Game came along.

I'd been in front of that house before, though I hadn't known it. I'd been busy discovering the non-existence of 118 Alpine Terrace, which wasn't across the street.

[Photo: SFH3 Badtz Maru] I'd been talking off my co-worker Gerry Kane's ear about treasure hunt games. And he mentioned that he'd participated in something tangentially related: the Hash House Harriers. These people play a game of follow-the-leader in which the followers can't see the leader, but figure things out from chalk marks and flour dabs on the ground. And so a bunch of chasers go running around the city, calling out to each other when they think they're back on the trail of the chasee. And they drink a lot. I was pleasantly surprised a week later when I spotted this chalk circle on the UCSF campus. With the letters inside SFH3, I suddenly had proof of the existence of a San Francisco Hash House Harrier group, and knew what their symbol looked like.


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