Puzzle Hunts: My Hench Life

November 4-6, 2011, there was a bay area "rerun" of Seattle's The Game World Henchmen Organization. It was awesome! I played as a member of team Bloody Goldfish Meat, a team with members who usually played in teams Blood and Bones, Golden Golems, Mystic Fish, and Meat Machine (SF Bay Area edition). We were:

This game answered a question you might hear someone asking about other puzzlehunts: "Where's the fun?" The folks who wrote the hunt did a great job of interspersing fun activities with the harder puzzles so that morale stayed high. Some of them came down to the bay area to act in, mediate, and otherwise help along our re-run. As near as I could tell, the folks Game-Controlling this The Game were:

This The Game was set in the world of Dr Horrible, the musical comedy in which Neil Patrick Harris played Dr Horrible, an aspiring supervillian whose complicated plans tended to go Wile-E-Coyotishly awry (only with more tragedy). We (and the other teams) were aspiring members of the World Henchmen Organization, folks who hoped to be the Igors to the Frankensteins of the Evil League of Evil.


0: Getting There, Memorial Hall, Time to Play

1: Back to the Hotel, Game Day, The Chase is On, Get in the Van, Saturday: Breakfast

2: Saturday: Lunch, Beware of Grays Bearing Gift Horses or Something

3: Saturday: Railroad, Dinner, Not Done Yet, Laundry Night

4: Googleplex by Night, Keeping Warm

5: Sunday: Stupid Hours, Sunday: Up the Coast, With the Fishes

6: Sunday: Pacifica and Upwards, Growing Things, Denouement


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