Puzzlehunts: WarTron, Los Jefes, and Portland

WarTron links

August 1-6 2012, I went to Portland. I joined up with Team Los Jefes as an embedded reporter to play in The WarTron Game. For a couple of days beforehand, I visited with relatives and scouted geeky Portland sites, sometimes at the same time.

Here are some photos. You can spot the ones that I didn't take because they're by folks who take good photos.

Self-portrait by Tektronix Sign Cousin Rae Free Geek Free Geek: Floppy Maria Powell's Technical Books Friday Evening The Doubleclicks Team Los Jefes At the Start At the Start At the Start At the Start The Feds Puzzle Delivery Ignoring Multnomah Falls Only Jeff W. Can Prevent Forest Fires Gathering data at Bonneville Dam JD McGregor at Bonneville Dam Bonneville Dam Rooster Rock State Park Rocky Butte Park Rocky Butte Park Coloring in the QR Code Field Phreaking With the Boxfort Brigands Oregon City Tower Tron Bikes Ground Kontrol Tron Machines Ground Kontrol Los Jefes at Collective Agency Collective Agency Corby Anderson checks status Sunrise Los Jefes head out Clu Pipeline Cathedral City Park Cathedral City Park Jefes solving up until the very end Waiting for the Last Teams Waiting for the Last Teams BITE Aggregation SIMON


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