MITMH 2020: Monday

Careful: I'm pretty blasé about spoilers for this year-old hunt. If you haven't already solved the puzzles you wanted to solve, maybe don't keep reading.

I woke up in my hotel room, guzzled coffee. I had my Production Czar hat back on—after our post-game wrap-up presentation, Doug was going to put up a website with our puzzles and solutions. There were some edits/fixes to make to the solution pages that I'd put off—they weren't high priority since players couldn't see those pages during the hunt. But soon players (and the world) would see those pages. So now they were a high priority. Fix, fix, fix.

I saw Will Wagner's tweet with a couple of Rumpelstiltskin pictures:

Early on, @esritt and I took on a short run-around puzzle (I called it a "run-over" because we only went to two places) that involved rubbing the nose of George Eastman for luck.#MysteryHunt #spoiler

— Will Wagner (@will_wagner) January 20, 2020

Then I headed to the Bush Room to help out with cleanup. Clean, clean, clean. I think? I think I helped carry things from HQ to some storage room in another building? Everything was so hazy.

I attended the wrap-up presentation and then… we were done. Afterwards, I went back to the Bush Room to keep helping with cleanup, but as we made progress, there were eventually more people than there were messes remaining. That was my cue to stop doing Hunt stuff. Tomorrow, I'd catch a flight back to San Francisco. For now, I could decompress.


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