Puzzle Hunts: MIT Mystery Hunt 2020

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On Sunday, January 20 2019, team Left Out won the MIT Mystery Hunt. The prize for this: we would write, plan, and run the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt. I was a team member and thus spent much of 2019 preparing for the 2020 Hunt.

photo: selfie with lanyard

I was Production Czar; that's the Left Out silly-job-title way of saying that I headed a small team of folks who converted lots of puzzle content from various formats to HTML web-stuff.

I also collaborated on writing some puzzles.

We made some decisions, did some things. For most of us, it was our first time working on a such a big puzzle event this big. If we do it again, I suspect we'll stick with some decisions and switch some others.

Here, I wrote some things down about that year. These writings don't capture everything that happened, not by a long shot. There was a lot going on; I don't think anyone could follow it all. But if you're curious to know what it was like to work on a biiiig puzzling event, this is the best I can do.

I noted down some things I'd like to remember if I ever do this again, and formatted them to stand out, a la

When I packed for Boston in January, I brought my warm shoes (yay), and many many pairs of thin socks—they were thin, so many many pairs fit in my bag. I wish I'd remembered that I also have three pairs of thick warm socks, totally worth the bag-space so that my delicate little San Francisco toes don't get so chilly outside.

It's a long write-up, so I split it into pages chronologically:

January 2019[^]

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