Puzzle Hunts: Triclops Headlamp

My initial impression of people playing puzzle/treasure-hunt games was: a bunch of weirdos running around with clipboards and headlamps. A couple of years later, I still thought that--but I wanted a headlamp. Solving a jigsaw puzzle in an outdoor tennis court, I'd seen the utility of Emily Marcroft's headlamp--neither of her hands was encumbered by a flashlight, she could solve with both hands after dark. After a year of playing these games, somehow that seemed more important than back when I'd started.

So I bought a headlamp--and loaned it someone, forgot who I loaned it to, never got it back, gone daddy gone. But maybe that was for the best. Because the more I thought about it, the more I thought A regular headlamp doesn't look quite dorky enough.

And so I bought three headlamps and sewed them together.

I bought three headlamp/headband combos. I wanted to attach all three headlamps to one headband. Fortunately, it was pretty easy to un-attach a headlamp from one headband and attach it to another. Unfortunately, I didn't want to attach the "extra" lamps directly to the headband--then they would have pointed directly outward from my temples, off to the side. I wanted to angle them forward. Each light-buckle had an adjustable hinge--but it didn't work side-to-side, just up-and-down.

So I wanted to mount these lights at an angle, to fool the hinge into working from side-to-side. So I cut a couple of strips of cloth off of an old pair of jeans. I attached each strip to a light buckle, forming a tight loop of cloth firmly attached to the buckle. Then I sewed the cloth to the headband.


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