Anecdotal Evidence: Running Tests

Excerpt from mail sent in 2001, when I was a programmer on the game "New Legends":

Just as it's important that, in a game, people's footsteps sound appropriate for the texture they're walking on, so too must bullet hits make appropriate sounds when they hit floors and walls. Metal should *spang*. Wood should *chunk*. Stone should *skreow*.

So I wrote up some code so that bullets, upon hitting walls, would make proper sounds.

And then I started up the game, summoned up an attack helicopter and let it have at me with the gats as I ran amongst buildings constructed of different materials, ears peeled.

The best way to test a program is to run it. And then to run, run, run.

I sure hope I don't start having work nightmares, because I think I could have some doozies.


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