Anecdotal Evidence: Impact!

Excerpt from mail sent in 1999

Back when I was at Geoworks and Dave "Indicted for Fraud" Thatcher was C.E.O., Dave did a company newsletter. On paper. We're supposed to be a leading-edge technology company, and he puts this thing out on paper. I was so disgusted that I typed the whole thing into a series of HTML pages and put them up on the company's internal web site.

Each department published their documents in a directory, and I noticed that the executive staff had no such directory. They had never created any documents for the rest of the company to view. So I created a directory for them, and put the HTML version of the newsletter there.

I didn't make an announcement, just let the pages sit there. I figured that anyone who saw them there would think that someone else had put them up, that they would stay there forever.

No such luck. Tom Lester tells me that there's an item in the MIS queue--the executive staff asked the marketing department to erase the pages; marketing passed the buck to MIS. There was a note from one of the MIS guys on the trouble ticket, wondering what he should do with the empty executive staff directory.


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