Anecdotal Evidence: Customer Feedback

Excerpt from mail sent in 1999

On Sunday, I was walking past the Metreon. And then I saw that there was a MicroSoft store. So of course I had to go inside. There were MicroSoft cups for sale. MicroSoft clothing. And MicroSoft software. I walked through. I gaped. On the way out, I spit on the store.

It was surprisingly satisfying.

(Actually, because I never really ever practiced spitting on things, I spat on my hand and then smushed the results on the wall.)

Careful where you lean in the MicroSoft store.

Excerpt from mail sent later in 1999

On the way out of Metreon, my ride wanted to see the MicroSoft store. So I got to spit on the MicroSoft store again. A security guard was looking right at me and didn't figure out what I was doing. I was even wearing my newly-arrived Slashdot t-shirt. So I wasn't just being juvenile; I could argue that I was representing for the cause. I suppose it wouldn't be a convincing argument.


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