Comment from Greg Saville 1998 Dec 14

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Greg Saville sent in this comment.

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From: Greg Saville
Date: 1998 Dec 14
Subj: re "Washimore Wander" and Curta

I enjoyed reading your accounts on your website of figuring out how a Curta calculator works. While I was flattered that you chose to use my photograph of a Curta Model I, I am dismayed at your flagrant misuse of someone else's property. Current accepted practice is to link to material on another site, not copy it to your site, rename and use it. I find it especially ironic in that on your site in your "LeGal NicetIes" you admonish anyone who "5teals" anything from your "sit3" to attribute it properly. So, I don't think it's too much to request that you do the same and provide proper attribution to me for my photograph. I grant permission for you to use my photograph on your site, as long as you properly attribute it.

Mr. Saville's photos where so professional-looking that I assumed he must have stolen them from some catalog or something. Of course, back when Curtas were made, photos in catalogs didn't look that good. So I thought wrong. Anyhow, I'm glad he clued me in, and I'm happy to attribute his photos.