Comment from Chris George 2002 Jun 21

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Chris George sent in this comment.

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From: Chris George
Date: 2002 Jun 21
Subj: opinion of Balzac

I'm not going to blast you for your opinion on Balzac. I do think you need to open up and notice the profound differences in their music. I don't think they're "listless" in any way. They combine straight ahead punk rock with unheard of melodies and a catchiness to shame other bands into early retirement. Just like every other Japanese band, they took the best elements of a lot of bands, discarded the crap and invented something amazing. I don't know what album you heard, possibly Zennou-naru, but you need to have another listen. I can't think of a better band in the world than them.....and I listen to almost every genre conceivable. Balzac are the complete package. But like I said, I'm not going to be juvenile and slander you for not liking them. I just think you should give them a few more listens.

Normally, I would slander this person for having tastes unlike mine. But my Balzac web page actually asked for dissenting opinions, so I won't.