Comment from Katrina 2002 Nov 13

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Katrina sent in this comment.

My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

From: Katrina
Date: 2002 Nov 13
Subj: cow licky thing

I went to your site from Inpassing and I know what that cow lick thingy is. If you had managed to get the belt to go all the way around, you would have tasted molasses. It's a molasses lick for cows. Actually, you were lucky you could get nothing from it. It's rather icky, trust me.

Not sure if anyone ever told you yet but there you go.

...and cows have VERY strong tongues, just have a calf suck on your finger and wonder if you'll ever get it back.

I thanked her for the info. Then I said that I didn't think molasses was icky. And then I reflected that molasses might get icky if it had been left out in a field for a few months. She replied:

Well Larry, you have it right... being out it in the open, in a field, bugs and dirt and whatever sticking to the belt, being rolled by a thick cud covered tongue which is all used to clean themselves and never really being emptied and cleaned... well you can imagine the horror of it all. *L* Were there any 1 foot squared blocks around in the field too? Ours were bright blue but I have heard they come in red and other colours too. Those are salt licks because cows need salt in their diet. Whatever farm you were on, those people know how to take care of their animals because most farmers who have only a few cows don't bother with the little details like that.

Well I'm happy to help you out. I'm a city clicker too but I ended up on a pure bred cattle ranch for 5 years in my youth. IMagine going from a huge city like Toronto of 3+ million people and moving to a farm 20 minutes out of a town of only 5 thousand. Ugh. *L*

Well my good deed of the day is now done.

I was happier before I read the phrase "thick cud covered tongue". I hope I never get licked by a cow.