Comment from Fredrik Astrom 2003 Jan 11

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Fredrik Astrom sent in this comment.

My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

From: Fredrik Astrom
Date: 2003 Jan 11
Subj: ???

I went to your page looking for info about the proximity fuse

it sickens me how disrespectful you speak of soldiers who died in war. Men with families and children..

When I asked him to point out the disrespectful remark, he replied:

the meatball analogy for instance when you spoke of the effectiveness of the proximity fuse. he was probably talking about someone else's comment, not anything that I wrote. That's the second set of comments in just a few weeks from someone confused about who wrote what in these Comment pages. What layout would make the context clear?

Then again, I don't think the so-called "meatball analogy" is disrespectful if you read it in context. Maybe Mr Astrom and I read things differently.