Comment from Daisuke Kawahara 2003 May 10

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From: Daisuke Kawahara
Date: 2003 May 10
Subj: about 'ska rockets'

Would you mind to try their 2nd album, named 'Mood for Freedom (DDCS-1002-is this information available for foreign people? I don't know.), please? I think 'challenger' is nothing more than their challenge to enter SKA-or something MUSIC-world. I don't know 'who asked them' to challenge, but in Japan, I live in, it seems their debut barely managed. The fact they could release the 2nd is the evidence.

In this album, I suppose, ska rockets made great strides expressing how do they feel about playing their 'own' music. Their original tempo, puzzled you ("what is this, Reggae, or something other?"), remains nearly as it was-so what? 'No-categorizing-attitude' is the way to enjoy music even when the name of the band gives suggestions about what their music are, I think.

Their music vary from tune to tune in this album. It contains a fast-jazzlike-tune, some passionate-or-delightful-classical-ska, a bossanovalike-music, a reggae-or-dub-tune, a cover of Japanese old song and so on. And ska rockets' skill is extremely progressed enough to give you some of contentment. Listening to these tunes, you can't feel sleepy.

Please try it and let me know how you feel about this album.

I'm afraid you can't understand what I want to say in this article because of my unskillful English, sorry.

Daisuke Kawahara, a Japanese who like music of ska rockets.

Now I want to listen to that album.