Comment from "Angel" 2004 Jul 13

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"Angel" sent in this comment.

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From: "Angel"
Date: 2004 Jul 13
Subj: Pangolin Bowling

Great poem! I really liked that tribute to a fellow 'kindred spirit' of the armadillo...I first saw a pangolin in the dictionary and found them to be on my list of most favorite of exotic critters (next to armadillos and hedgehogs, of course). I wish Animal Planet would spend more time covering some of these and other critters, instead of their regular banter on snakes, alligators, lions, tigers and bears.

The only times I saw a pangolin on TV was when they had a documentary on some indigenous tribes in Camaroon and they briefly showed a pangolin taking a nap on a tree, all coiled up. This one family had built a house of leaves and brush in an over-lapping shingle style, like the pangolin's sheltered them from heavy rains and strong winds! So much to be learned from such a humble critter!

The other time was a nature program hosted by Avery Brooks and it showed a pangolin climbing up a tree to get a night snack of termites and running into a bird that was well-perched. (Lesson: Never get in the way of a hungry pangolin!) After he had his fill he coiled up inside the trunk for a nice after-dinner nap...after all, any nap is a good nap!

Again, they need to show more exotic critters such as pangolins and 'dillers!


I like pangolins, but do not want to watch them on the television.

A couple of weeks later, "Angel" wrote again:

Hi Larry, Are you familiar with the late Shel Silverstein? He wrote a most cute ditty about well as collaborate with Johnny Cash on the song 'A Boy Named Sue'.


If you should ever choose to bathe an armadillo,
Use one bar of soap
And plenty of hope,
Plus 72 pads of Brillo!

I also came up with something outrageous...perhaps you could work on this one...


"THE PANGOLIN THAT PULVERIZED PNENOMH PENH!" (or some other similar title) The story of a pangolin (a nuclear accident victim in some-odd lab) who sought revenge against his poachers and captors...this time it's personal! Using his claws to 'uproot' his prey and laps them up with his sticky tongue, like an armadillo or Komodo dragon! His belch and his growling stomach (when hungry)...not to mention his other bodily functions) can be heard hundreds of +miles off....RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! NOBODY IS SAFE! Who knows? It might work to be a mega-blockbuster for B-grade horror flick fans and other enthusiasts! Tell me what you think!


I'm sure that might make a big hit in the Orient and other places

Uh-oh. I wonder if I unconsciously stole that "brillo"/"armadillo" rhyme from Silverstein.