Comment from El Atomico 2006 Dec 06

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From: El Atomico
Date: 2006 Dec 06
Subj: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, even Phinney Ridge

?Hola Larry Hosken!

Just a note to say "Hola" now that we each have links to each other. I actually remember sitting across from you on the train back from Hogwarts but I was a little too conked-out to make any friendly chit-chat. Regardless, our first Bay-area game was a lot of fun and it'd be cool to make it down there for another event, so perhaps we'll meet up again one of these days.

Also, just curious: how specifically did you know my neighborhood was called Phinney Ridge? Are you familiar with Seattle-area neighborhoods or...?

~El At?mico (a.k.a. Jeff)

?Viva Los Jefes!

I know a little about Seattle.