Comment from Don 2007 May 01

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Don sent in this comment.

My (Larry's) replies appear like this.

From: Don
Date: 2007 May 01
Subj: Break water in Chicago

Do you have a map of the breakwater in Lake Michigan along Chicago skyline??

I pointed it out on Google maps, asking why he wanted such a thing.

Hi Larry,
I saw your photo of breakwater in Chicago where water inside wall was frozen and water outside wall was not frozen.
Great shot!
I live in Cleveland, OH.
I want to take my boat and kids on Lake Michigan along Chicago shoreline this summer.
My kids are little and I feel better planning trip so that if kids (wife) are nervous about being in open water, then I can stay inside break wall if I have to.

Map you sent is perfect.
Thank you for taking time to help me.


My memories of Chicago in the summertime are not so pleasant. Then again, it might be better than Cleveland.