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Duluoz2 1999 Nov 25 ump

Spirited, the tall man went down to the edge of the river in order to purchase a bucket of quarters. In doing so, he forgot his labrador, who was sadly becoming educated by a large group of eastern philosophers. I felt bad for that dog, because i well know the many pitfalls of recent typewriter failings. Anyway, when the man approached the river, he realized that his pants were much too apologetic for the current era. I'm pretty sure at that point he found a small piece of sponge in his pocket, with which he sopped up all of his worthless memories. That was when everything got a little hazy...the one thing that was certain was that photocopies were being run out of town at an alarming rate. No one could stop the mass exodus, save the Wonderful Sporting Pet. This was, obviously, an outdated kitchen appliance whose mother came straight off of the boat from Tulsa. She was a hearty woman, a woman who knew how to cook for her friends. Her most famous dish was a plate with delicate flowers around the edge, but Manuel the Questionable had forsaken his plaintain protocal earlier in the season, and the rains would never compensate his shortcomings. We all realized that friendship wasn't worth the paper it was printed on, and hastily drove to the southern most point of the street, where a lovely group of stool pigeons were singing some song they liked to call "Wake Me Up When the Sun Strikes Thirty-Seven." About half of them tried to convince me that this was a top forty smash hit, while the rest of them assured me that it was nothing but a dirty limirick with sharp edges. Sharp edges will cut you, they asserted. I disagreed, but then i've never been one to agree with anyone who says things to me.

I enjoyed this message. But then, after I read it, I was reminded that I miss Curtis Yarvin.

  Jamie Zawinski 1997 Dec 14 Re: dadadodo

Lawrence Hosken wrote:

> You've made a wonderful thing.  Thank you.
Yours is nice too! Is that really unfiltered output, or did you do some selection in there? The sentences are awfully good.
>   Figure out the probability tables for depth-N and depth-N-1.
>   To figure out the next word:
>     flip a coin
That's interesting, I think I'll try that... Hmm, the unfortunate thing about that is that it makes the *generation* of the chain be probabilistic. If you use the same text as input twice in a row, you don't get the same histogram out. I'm not sure that sits well with me...
> This might break down if I started reading in huge amounts
> of text and N became large.  Then again, it might not.
I think that the larger the body of input text, the larger you want N to be, but it probably maxes out somewhere at (uh) 1/2 * length-of-a-typical-sentence or something like that. (Or maybe it's "verb phrase" and not sentence? I'll bet there's some language-specific constant about how many words our brains need in order to pull patterns out of groups of words. I'll bet it's not a very large number.)

I'm kinda cheating by including this email with comments that normal site visitors send me. Mr. Zawinski never would have seen my Markov page if I hadn't sent him some fawning mail about his. So I kinda solicited this mail. Anyhow.

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