36 Views: From Kinnear Park

[Photo: From Kinnear Park]

Kinnear Park, in the Queen Anne neighborhood, has many great views of the Pier 86 Grain Terminal. While I was at one place in the park, taking the photos which I would later stich together to form this panorama, a nice man told me about a viewing platform elsewhere in the park. He also told me that the view had been beautiful before the city build the Terminal. He said that local residents with views had protested, but the city had ignored them and built the thing anyhow. Actually, he didn't say that the city ignored the protestors. To illustrate what the city had done to them, he made a graphic fisting motion. He said, "It was the money." I was so grateful for him telling me about the viewing platform, I didn't have the heart to tell him that I didn't think that the grain terminal ruined the view, that I was in fact there to view the Terminal. I just thanked him.


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