Departures: Lake Tahoe April 2003

I hung out at Tahoe with some friends. If you don't want to see photos of my friends (and why would you?), you might not be super-interested in this travelog.

[Photo: Into the Traffic Jam] I caught a ride up to Tahoe with Tom and Lisa. We stopped for dinner and pies at Ikeda's in Auburn. That was good. But then there was a snowstorm which caused a lot of accidents and the road closed.
[Photo: Still in the Traffic Jam] We were stopped for a few hours. After a while, we got out and walked along the road for a while to stretch our legs. Tom talked to a trucker to find out about the road conditions. Then, as we walked back to the car, other people asked us what the trucker had said.
[Photo: Lisa Attempts a Head-Stand] Because of the traffic jam, we spent most of our time sitting in the car. Tired of sitting, at one point Lisa attempted an in-car headstand. (Yes, that head and those feet belong to the same person.) Finally, the road opened again and Tom drove us up to the cabin.
[Photo: Josh, Veronica, Tom, and Zeppa] There were some fun people and dogs up at the cabin, including Josh, Veronica, Tom, and Zeppa.
[Photo: Jon] Jon Skelton was there. Jon knows how to cook. Jon cooked for us, spreading joy around the cabin.
[Photo: Josh Jumping] Most of the people were in Tahoe for snowboarding. Josh and Jon made a snowboard ramp and did some jumps. Josh did many jumps.
[Photo: Josh Jumping Again] Veronica didn't snowboard this year; unfortunately, her back was wracked up. Ever the conscientious aunt, Veronica took pictures of Josh for a few of his jumps.
[Photo: Josh's Bindings] Then, at the start of another jump, Josh was squirted out of the universe like a watermelon seed.
[Photo: Snowshoeing with Zeppa, Veronica and Kiem] I'm not much good at winter sports, but I went snowshoeing with Veronica and Kiem to help walk the dogs. Too bad Kiem didn't bring up her robots this year, or else we humans could have been spared the effort of walking through a beautiful winter landscape.
[Photo: Alice the Dog] It was kind of a snowshoeing hike, kind of a dog-walk. The humans had snowshoes, the dogs didn't. Too bad Alice the dog didn't have snowshoes. Oof!
[Photo: Nyack at Dusk] Tom drove Lisa and I back to civilization. Along the way, we stopped at Nyack, a mile-high truck stop.


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