Departures: Chicago 2009

In September 2009, my parents and I went to Chicago. We visited with family, did some architectural tourism, visited the IIT campus, and spent a lot of time at the Art Institute.

I didn't take all of these photos. Or rather, I didn't snap all of these photos. I took some of these photos from other folks' photo collections.

Family shot in lobby of the fancy Palmer House Hotel On the Riverwalk Covered Conveyor Belts UAL Lobby Daley Plaza Chagall's Les Quatres Saisons CTA Station IIT Mansion Site IIT Power Plant IIT Power Plant Chimneys Chicago River Wrigley Building Towers Sitting a bit on the Riverwalk Nichols Bridge Bean Photo The Artist Looks at Nature Business New Wing Untitled 1997 Gadrooning Catskill Mountains Cultural Center Elevator


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