Departures: Japan 1991-92

(of interest only to the completist)

According to Tom Manshreck, if you want to extend a conversation but don't necessarily have anything to say, you can say, "Well, just look at the Japanese."

I graduated from college in December of 1991. I had a job lined up. I figured that this would be my last chance to take a really long vacation, my last chance before I got busy with work.

So I went to Japan. It was the perfect time to go. My former house-mate Hans was there teaching English; a few of our mutual friends were going to visit with him in early January. My school/work friend Jimmy was going to be at the tail-end of a multi-month stay there. I could spend my first couple of weeks hanging out with friends. And I'd have a chance to wander around on my own. And that's what I did.

When I got back, I wrote installations of a travelog as parts of my letters to friends. I didn't write fast enough. I'd spent about a month and a half in Japan; a lot of things happened during that time. Once I'd been back home about a year, I'd only finished writing about maybe half. And then I gave up. Remembering was just too fuzzy.

So here's what I wrote down.