Departures: Japan 1991-92: Day Trips Out of Kyoto: Himeji-Jo

Excerpts from a letter written September of '92, months after the fact:

I think I was going to talk about Kyoto next. Specifically, the day trips. I took some notes:

[Photo: Hello Kitty Popcorn Vending Machine]

Maybe I think too much about Hello Kitty. Maybe I spent too much of my time in Japan thinking about junk food. But I really, really liked this popcorn vending machine.

[Notes taken 1/13, in Kyoto, after having visited Himeji castle in the city of Himeji, which is on the shinkansen line. This was 'the finest castle in all Japan' by most counts, and the favorite one that I visited.]

Old history and snack foods. Nudity and TV. What more could anyone ask of a country? Next time I guess I'll write up my visit to the ninja museum.

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