Sailing: Reminder

Excerpt from mail sent in 2001:

Yesterday, I went sailing. It was the first sail of the year, which tends to be pretty mistake-prone. But this sail went pretty well, and I hadn't forgotten too much.

Except there's this one precaution that I kinda flubbed.

Today, as the nice lady at the Cal Performances box office handed me tickets for the Ani DiFranco outdoor concert, she said, "Now you be sure to bring along umbrellas and water and whatever you need. Last year, it was so hot that some people fainted."

And I said, "What, you don't think I know how to deal with the sun? You think I'm some kind of moron?"

Or, rather, I would have said that, except that my face was so sunburned that it hurt to talk.

Hat. Next time I go sailing, I will double-check to make sure I haven't forgotten my hat.


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