Dental Health Theatre Pamphlet

When I wrote this travelog, there wasn't a lot of information about the Dental Health Theatre available on the web. So I transcribed a pamphlet. This was in early 2002. There might be better information available by now.


In LaClede's Landing

First Floor, 727 North First Street, St Louis, MO 63102, (314) 241-7391



For All Ages

September 1-May 31
Hours: 8AM-3PM
Monday through Friday
For Adults & Children Four Years and Older
All Shows by Reservation Only
June 1-August 31
Hours: 9AM-4PM
Monday through Friday
Families and Individuals-Call for Show Times

Closed for Holidays

The Dental Health Theatre is the only one of its kind in the world, just like your smile. It is a unique combination of entertainment and dental health education, presented by a dental health educator.

The theatre focal point is the lower dental arch composed of sixteen three-feet-high fiberglass teeth, which are used for demonstrating brushing, flossing, and function of the variously shaped teeth. The teeth are lit individually as they are named. Also included in the program are dental health movies, and an explanation of nutrition and diet as related to oral health. Additional information, appropriate for the ages of those present is discussed. On special days, a marionette show is presented by the Alliance of the Greater St. Louis Dental Society (the dental spouses' organization).

The Dental Health Theater is a popular field trip for groups such as scouts, schools and senior citizens. It is wheel chair accessible and is equipped with an Audio Enhancement System for the hearing impaired. This wireless FM system uses headphones and induction neck loops.

The funding for this theatre is by the Foundation of the Greater St. Louis Dental Society, individual dentists, the Dental Alliance, dental companies and laboratories, corporations, and lay friends.

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