Age of Aquarius: Just the Photos

In late Summer 2010, I rode on a Green Tortoise tour, the "Northern Pioneer". Green Tortoise is a hosteler/backpacker outfit, and this tour combined camping, outdoorsy wandering, and sleeping on a moving bus.

Camp Kitchen at Ruby Mountains Ruby Mountains Not a Trail Truck Stop Panorama Livestock Trailer Irrigation One Tree Cattle Moseying Stationary Target Andy above Jackson Hole Josie's Ridge Mountain Life Storm's Coming Field of Sage Plant Life Oxbow Blue Rock Unfazed Moose Riparian Hello Autumn Jenny Lake Yellowstone South Gate Waiting Boardwalk Steam through Trees Mud Volcano Steam through Trees Small Plants Yellowstone Lake Nuphar Porcelain Basin, Yellowstone Porcelain Basin, Yellowstone Mammoth The Great Salt Lake Salt Lake City Library Big Rock Candy Mountain Red Canyon Kodachrome Panoramic Trail Cactus Turkey


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