DC 2016: Ravenchase

This here page talks about my experience playing a hunt that's still out there, the Ravenchase Washington DC Hunt. This hunt is still running, so you might ask Does this story contain spoilers? The answer's a little tricky. I'm not spoiling the fun of solving clues, but am presenting info that confers a slight advantage. E.g., this page points out a mistake in the first clue; this page has the corrected clue data; this page does not present the solution to that clue. On the one hand, the correction won't spoil your enjoyment solving this clue; quite the opposite. On the other hand, if you see this data, it would not be fair to compare your score to that of folks who worked through that broken clue. This page points out something most folks I know would consider to be a fatal flaws in clue, something that make you think "I won't check for that, since no self-respecting designer would write a clue that does that," but I don't reveal which clue has it, since that would make the clue trivial to solve.

With those warnings, you can click the button to reveal my story if you still want to:


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