Departures: DC 2016

In the spring of 2016, I toured Washington DC. Once again, I'd left my travel destination in the hands of fate. The annual DASH puzzlehunt takes place in many cities. I volunteered to hand out puzzles at the first city to reply at which I hadn't already volunteered in past years. (The first reply was from LA, but I'd already volunteered there in 2013. Nice try, sneaky sneaky LA folks.) The first legit reply was Steve Gaddy's from Washington DC. Thus: here I was in Washington DC. I'd do some puzzly stuff while in town, but plenty of other stuff, too. I had friends and family in DC. The DC area has plenty of Geek Tourism and National Museum of Whatevers; I saw some of that.

Wednesday: Fantom Comics, LoC, American History [^]

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