Lawrence Hosken: Frivolity: Poetry: Odes to Pho

Pho is a noodle soup that can be procured at certain Vietnamese restaurants. I have written two odes to this wondrous dish.

Ode To Pho

25 Mar 94 18:11:39 PST

No matter how contained,
whether boxed, cupped, or bowled
No one ever complained,
"Pho didn't cure my cold."

Whether you're beggar or king,
"Hey you" or "Your highness"
Pho's just the thing
to clear up your sinus.

Some would suggest an orange
to get some vitamin C
May as well suck on a doorhinge
As far as I can see.

If you're sick and if you're coughing,
hope there's some Pho there in the offing.

Ode To Pho II: Pho To Go

22 Dec 95 17:38:08 PST

To Go
Leaves you drowsy and enervated,

But pho
To go
leaves you comfy and also sated.


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