Larry Hosken: Frivolity

"Viscous materials, especially ink, is often difficult to work with."

Clawson Container Company Catalog, showing rare insight into the writer's burden

Sometimes I write things that aren't stories. Sometimes they're explicitly about me—those things have their own page. This page is for things that aren't stories and that aren't about me. Some of them aren't even writings.

Always respect the rice.
T.A. Variations
Totally Automated Variations on some art about The Alphabet by Tauba Auerbach
The Basic Eight vs. Lowell High School
Figuring out a roman a clef set in my high school
Daily Nonsense
I wrote a perl program to Markovly dissociate text each night. It puts the results up on the web.
Platinum Myanmar Milk Tea
I drank some instant tea, but first I took photos. Because I noticed I couldn't find much online about this tea (aside from links to websites that I got tired of waiting for… I guess they were all on the other side of slow trans-Pacific cables?).
Excerpt from Submarine Cable Laying and Repairing
I didn't write this. Rather, I copied it out of a hundred-year-old book on repairing undersea cables. It is about specialized grappling hooks and grapnels.
If you're not a computer programmer, these definitely won't interest you. If you are a computer programmer, then they might or might not.
I don't remember most of my dreams. But I've written some down.
I've written some poems. Most of them rhyme.
I've taken photos of some things I've never seen photos of.
Fave Reads
I read a lot. Here's my fave reads for 2004 and earlier. For later years, check the blog
Japanese Ska and Punk
Mini-reviews of some Japanese Ska and Punk bands
Curtis H Anderson File
I didn't write these. I just typed up some things that this other guy wrote
Extending Embedded Python with SWIG
If you don't know what the title means, then you aren't interested.
Artificial Life in the Marketplace
An exploration of game theory and genetic algorithms, watching reciprocity coalesce in a soup of self-interest.
St Columba: Patron Saint of File-Sharers
A subject about which I can write with a near-total lack of authority.
De Gustibus
A few words on the subject of Quality.
Doom WAD
Back when Doom was the coolest game around, I made a WAD (set of adventures) for it. I haven't uploaded the WAD to this site, but I did put up its README file. As far as I know, this was the only WAD that came with a bibliography. But I haven't looked too hard.
Larry's Bike FAQ
These are answers to frequently asked questions about my bike.
This is an adventure based on something that happened to me. Maybe I should put it on my anecdote page instead of here.
Apocryphcal Zen Koan
How a technical writer achieves calm.
Twitter vs O RLY?
Meme mash-up.