Lawrence Hosken: Frivolity: Poetry: Bicycle Built Fortu

Sonnet for a couple of people who were just married and about to go on a tandem bicycling honeymoon.

How is a good bicycle built? Fortu-
nately, we are learning. What about the
old two seater? Though the sun may scorch you,
your partner keeps you cool and not pouty.

Like that bike, this must be how marriage works,
when a gal thinks about her dear bloke, her
thoughts are kind. He thinks of her: "never irks."
Let each rider act a proper stoker.

Each a stoker? Who, then, will choose gear in-
creases? Who will keep eyes on the map? Then
who will keep their hands free for the steering?
The trick must be: Let each be a captain.

Two stokers? Two captains? Might sound random.
Still, the best company's on a tandem.


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