Frivolity: Japanese Music: The Blue Hearts

From the "Who asked You?" Department, it's my opinion of The Blue Hearts.

What I've heard:
"The Blue Hearts" (album, Meldac)
"Train Train" (album, Meldac)
"Bust Waste Hip" (album, Garland/MMG)
"High Kicks" (album, Garland/MMG)
"Dug Out" (album, East West Japan)
"Young and Pretty" (album, Meldac)
"YAON Live on '94 6.18/19" (live album, East West Japan)
"Live All Sold Out" (live album, East West Japan)
"PAN" (album, East West Japan)
"East West Side Story" (album, East West Japan)
"Super Best" (best of album, meldac)
Gross Generalization:
Early stuff: Punk. Later stuff: many genres.
Maybe you remember in the late 80s, they had a splash in the USA with their song, "Rinda Rinda"? No? Okay.

The Blue Hearts started out as a punk band. Unlike many punk bands, their singer could kind of sing. Like many punk bands, their singer could yell pretty well. Combine that with some catchy songs, and you had a pretty good band.

In later albums, they kept playing punk, but played other genres as well. There was country-sounding music with harmonicas. There was crooning. There was rock and roll. It was well-executed.


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