Frivolity: Japanese Music: Brahman

From the "Who asked You?" Department, it's my opinion of Brahman.

What I've heard:
"A Forlorn Hope" (album, Tactics)
"Wait and Wait" (single, Whip)
Gross Generalization:
Japanese Indie
So I got this CD "Sway" which basically turned out to be a CD-single. So I had two mixes of a good poppy-punky song "Sway" and three so-so punky songs.

I liked "Sway", but I sent Tower-Japan about 20 bucks for it. This seemed like an expensive band to experiment with. Maybe if I could tell, from looking at Tower-Japan's listings, which CDs were albums and which were singles; maybe then I wouldn't run into these problems. Or maybe if I found Brahman songs collected on anthologies or something.

Later, I sent away for something else of Brahman's, which turned out to be an album, "A Forlorn Hope". It contained many poppy-punky songs. It also contained some songs that seemed more like hard-rock pop. There were some catchy riffs. I liked it plenty. Yayy, Brahman! I like Brahman now.


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