Manual Labors: SPAM: Technical Credits

Block diagrams, and all documentation pictures drawn with Canvas on a Mac II.

Schematics drawn with Douglas Schematic on a Mac II.

Documentation written with Full Write, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel, of course on a Mac II

Microcode written with Big Mac on an Apple IIGS.

EPROM burning done with the Nihon Office Communications BAL 500 series Auto-Eprom Programmer on an Apple II.

EPROM erasing done with an American Reliance Inc. Ultraviolet Eprom Eraser.

Speakers are BOSE Roommate.

Microphone is a Peavey 315C.

Apologies to AT&T, Pacific Bell, and related phone companies.

Spam by Hormel Foods... we are forever in your debt.

The events in this report are not intended to resemble any persons, either living or dead, and any resemblance to such persons is either purely coincidental or very, very rude, except of course for the recurring references to Spam, which are a constant source of amusement to very tired students.

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