New: Book Report: Cyber China (part two)

Notes on a couple more chapters from Cyber China:

Fran├žoise Mengin: The Role of the State in the Age of Information

This paper mentioned a few topics: hackers, Taiwan, Democracy. It implied that these topics had some importance to the idea of government in China. I never figured out what the point was, though.

Christopher R. Hughes; Controlling the Internet Architecture within Greater China

For me, this was the most helpful paper in the book. I didn't learn many new facts, but this paper provided good analysis. If you've read Slashdot for the last few years and paid attention when people wrote about the Great Firewall of China, if you know what ICANN is and wonder how it deals with paranoid governments, if... Uhm, anyhow, this paper neatly weaves together several things I'd read about. It helped me to see some trends that I hadn't seen. +5 Insightful. Must keep an eye on Christopher R. Hughes.

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Posted 2005-03-22