New: Follow Up: Ready Made #16

You may recall that I reported not getting much from Ready Made #16, the magazine of creative re-use and recycling. It was well-written and amusing, but I could not apply it to my already-have-enough-planters lifestyle.

I must follow up. This magazine is more useful than I thought.

A few weeks back I went for a walk on a hill. This is the big hill next to Shoreline Ampitheater. (I work in a business park close to the Shoreline Ampitheater.) I'd climbed this hill once before. When I'd climbed this hill before, I noticed that its grassy sides were punctuated with utility-ish cement covers. I interpreted this to mean that the hill was wired with cable. Now that I climbed it again, during daylight I saw that these were not electrical-box covers. These were vent covers. This hill was landfill and it was still venting. This was a dirty hill.

So it is not so surprising that I picked up some fleas during my recent walk. I don't believe I've had fleas wandering around on my person since then. But I do believe that some fleas came home with me and took up residence in and around my bed.

At least I hope they're fleas, seeing as how I just sprinkled flea powder around my bed in an attempt to exteriminate them.

The directions on the cannister of flea powder were pretty straightforward: sprinkle powder on the area to exverminate. Use your broom to spread the powder around.

I have no broom. It's true. I have no broom and my apartment is apparently aswarm with parasitic insects. Does this mean I live in a level of filth worse than my mother's worst nightmare? Maybe. Anyhow, I have no broom, yet I must sweep. What to do?

By now, you've guessed the answer: I grabbed the magazine Ready Made #16 out of the recycling bag, and used it to sweep the flea powder around. It worked like a charm. Dare I hope that the flea powder is similarly effective?

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Posted 2005-04-03

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