New: Hungarian Notation Not Brain Dead

(If you are not a computer programmer, this item will not make sense.)

For years I made fun of Hungarian Notation and Charles Simonyi. Now, thanks to Joel Spolsky, I find out that Hungarian Notation started out as something useful.

We try to use something called Apps Hungarian notation, as invented by Simonyi, not the grotesque bastard Systems Hungarian notation, misinterpreted by Petzold and the entire Windows team.

--Joel Spolsky, The Road to FogBugz 4.0, Part III

Now I'm tempted to start making fun of this Petzold guy. But of course it would only be a matter of time until I found out that he was OK, too. So never mind.

[Update May 12 2005: Joel wrote about the right way to use Hungarian notation.]

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Posted 2005-04-01