New: Book Report: Consider the Oyster

Holy moly, M.F.K. Fisher sure could write. I don't want to eat oysters, but I could read Fisher's writings about oysters all day. Except I can't really, because this was just a short little book. But it was full of poetry. Not poetry as in poems, those awful things. This was poetry as in prose that sings.

Apparently, she's a well-known food writer. I think I should seek out more of her stuff.

What would you do if you had a time machine? Some people would go back in time to kill Hitler. Some would visit with Buddha and ask for clarification on a few topics. Me, I would scoop up M.F.K Fisher and John McPhee and send them to an appropriate time so that they could write about the dawn of the Mission-style burrito.

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Posted 2005-06-09