New: Book Report: Sister Age

A collection of short stories, some of them autobiographical, by M.F.K. Fisher. I was not so fond of the Twilight Zonish ghost stories, but the rest were awesome. There was one story about going out in a little boat on Morro Bay and it talks about the fishing there, and the story is poignant. And there is a story about a quirky old man in France (which sounds like the formula for a horrible story which snobs pretend to like as they chuckle over "exquisite eccentricity", but really this was a loving description of an interesting character, so don't trust your first instincts upon your first reading of that description). There were stories about loss and grief, which were hard to take during a time when I was grieving over a couple of lost relatives, but they were good stories nonetheless.

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Posted 2005-07-23