New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere

Peter Tang just rented a new apartment. Today Steven, 'Lene and I went over to paint some of the walls.

Watching paint dry is not interesting. So between coats we headed out for lunch. As we walked towards Chestnut Street, we ran into Alexandra. She was carrying a printout of puzzles. These were not just any puzzles, these were puzzles I'd found this morning.

I had been surprised to find them--they were on a blog about programming, knitting, and the Swedish language. Who knew that Raymond Chen liked puzzles? But he'd thrown a puzzle hunt for a departing friend of his.

Anyhow, I'd spent most of the morning on those puzzles; they'd almost made me late for the painting party. Now Alexandra was reading them. It was good to see her; and it was good to see her dog Liberty Belle, who was friendly as always.

* ~ * ~ *

Not exactly a puzzle hunt, but it came up the same day:

After the painting party, I caught the 43 bus. It went up through the Presidio. At the Presidio Street exit, next to the House of Pixels, I noticed an arrow drawn on the sidewalk. Was it a chalk arrow? Was it the spoor of the Hash House Harriers? Or was it some spray-painted thing indicating the presence of water pipes? As the bus went along, it went past more arrows. Who had left them? Then an arrow pointed off to the side, Beside it in big letters: "ON IN". I recognized that phrase. That was some sodden socializing at the end of a Hash.

Ah, mystery solved; hypothesis confirmed. I settled back in the seat and let the bus carry me home.

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Posted 2005-07-04